10 Miles of Bad Road

Chapter One

Charles Morgan, Skitch and Thasunka approached the depot building with caution. Though they were new to working with one another, they were no strangers to unsavory situations and not a one of them wished this to be their last day upright. The job had been fairly straight forward and simple and had brought the trio to Tombstone Arizona where they had tracked down the whereabouts of a former Hellstromme scientist named Benedict Boone. A Hellstromme representative named Clarence Gordon had hired them to track the rogue scientist and recover a number of important blueprints he had taken with him. Gordon mentioned that Boone might be a little demented, twisted into madness by the exposure to advanced technological byproducts.

The depot building had proven to be a new laboratory for Benedict Boone and the trio of wild west veterans made their entrance as Boone was putting the finishing touches upon a giant metal monstrosity. When the smoke cleared the three mercenaries were left standing and Boone was slowly burning from the explosion of his own creation self-destructing.

Gordon was impressed with the performance and recovery of the blueprints and offered the men another job should they be interested. Always looking for work and income the veterans accepted and found themselves aboard a steam car headed for the city of Lost Angels in California. A man by the name of Scott Butler, a infiltrator of Hellstromme’s, had gone silent in his reports after having infiltrated the ranks of the Guardian Angels. Hellstromme is concerned about what their infiltrator might have discovered before going dark, and would like to recover a portion of the assets they have expended on getting their foot in the door of the Guardian Angels. With little information to go on save the location of Butler’s rented room in Lost Angels the veterans set out accompanied by company man Jerold Wyatt to assist with operating the steam car.

The Deniable Assets arrived at the Hellstromme safe-house in the Ghost Quarter and opted to leave Wyatt behind at the house guarding the equipment they knew they wouldn’t be able to sneak into the heavily patrolled city while they made for the Trader’s Quarter and the Sunset Hotel. The men had plenty of time to develop a cover story as an investment firm interested in bringing new shipping options into Lost Angels.

At the Sunset Hotel the trio made the acquaintance of Ned Hampton, the proprietor of the Hotel, who did have a spot of information on Scott Butler including the possessions from his room but was unwilling to give them up unless Butler’s outstanding tab was closed. The gentlemen procured a room for the evening and then went their separate ways, Morgan and Thasunka toward the Waterfront to maintain their cover story and Skitch to find a good game of cards to make some more money.


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