10 Miles of Bad Road

Chapter Two

Skitch started off doing some gambling, finding a Pharoah game at the Shark Bite. He was doing fairly well early on. Starting with $11, he left the tables with $61 and got to know some of his card shark buddies.

Morgan and Thasunka made their way to the waterfront, keeping an eye on Guardian Angel activity along the way. At the waterfront, they noticed that there was a damaged schooner and a man losing his crew due to some recent trouble. They spoke with the man, Antoine Baldwin, first mate on the damaged ship, Mary’s Grace. They made an arrangement to try and procure the funds to repair Mary’s Grace and find the Captain, Tyson. Then left to regroup with Skitch.

Back at the Shark Bite casino, Skitch had spoken with the one-armed owner, Jonah as Morgan and Thasunka come into the establishment. Morgan and Skitch try to covertly communicate with a discreet system of winks and nose-scratching and eventually go out to a back-alley to catch up on what’s going on. While this happens, Thansunka bought a beer for the busted-out captain Tyson. After a brief conversation, Tyson agrees to meet the DA’s at the hotel in the morning to turn over the deed to the ship to them for $20.

Skitch decided to continue gambling to increase the coffers of the DA’s. Morgan and Thasunka go back to the hotel and pay the $7 to Ned for Scott Butler’s affects. Ned mentions that the Guardian Angels had also been inquiring about Scott Butler earlier in the day. At that moment, three Guardian Angels walk in and ask for a room. Ned tossed them a key and Thasunka took Butler’s saddle bags up to their room. They find not much of interest in the saddle bags, other than a poker chip with SB on it, confirming the connection with the Shark Bait casino.

Back at the game again, Skitch makes a killing and almost shuts down the house, gaining $250, buying a round of beer for the whole place. He ends up spending the night with Amy, who knew Scott Butler, said that she hadn’t seen Butler for a week or two also. He didn’t make it back to the Sunset Hotel that evening.

The next morning, after breakfast, all three gentlemen wait in the hotel lobby for Tyson. When he arrives, he signs over Mary’s Grace for the $20 and departs. The DA’s head back to the waterfront to meet up with Baldwin. They arrange to have him begin repairs on the ship.

They go back to the Shark Bite and speak to Jonah and the drunkard, Hyrum, about Scott Butler. Hyrum saw Butler get dragged away to the northwest by a shadow and some men. The group decides to try and speed up repairs to the ship, as they suspect Butler may have been taken to the Rock – the prison island in the bay.


They returned to the hotel and found Hyrum waiting for them with information on Scott Butler. They traveled to the Ghost Quarter and met the former sherriff of Lost Angels, Hog Dunston. He tells the group that his men apprehended Butler and reveals the stitched up, animalistic condition of the man Butler used to be. Butler becomes agitated and looks like he’s about to bust out of the ropes he’s tied with, when the stitches holding him together come apart and he falls into a heap.

The group take the items he left behind: a kitchen knife, some seashells, and a pocketwatch. The pocketwatch has an inscription of “R. Leeson” which the men take as a lead to investigate. They spend the night in a holdout in the Ghost Quarter, and the next morning while Morgan recuperates at the hotel, Thasunka and Skitch ask around about “R. Leeson”. They come up with the names of Roberta Leeson (a seamstress) and Richard Leeson (a doctor).

Roberta ends up being a dead-end, and the group heads out of town to the doctor’s house on the coast and discover that the back door has been broken out from the inside. DUN DUN DUN!


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