Huckster who has been traveling from town to town getting an income the best he knows how.


*Agility: d8
*Smarts: d12
*Spirit: d8
*Strength: d4
*Vigor: d4

*Card Sharp
*Dealers Choice


*Boost/Lower Trait


Orphaned at a young age, he was taken in by a traveling gambler named Hank. We went all over earning money until we wore out our welcome. This is where i learned my trade. Being travelers, After a few years, Hank was hitting a rough patch. After losing a game that he couldn’t pay up for, i over heard him talking to his debtor about what i would be worth. I ran. I learned how to fend for myself. got my first cash from pick pocketing, then, put my skills to work. Being on the scrawny side, i knew i couldn’t defend myself in a fight (found that out the hard way). I quickly learned the art of the draw.

I needed a guaranteed cash flow, leaving anything up to chance is unacceptable. If I could find a way to manipulate my opponent and the cards, that would serve my cause, greatly. As i traveled between towns i would seek out the witch-doctors, the sorcerers, the ones that were often feared and cast out. I was doing alright, enough for a few people to pay me to play for them, or occasionally a few odd jobs. I guess I got good enough to get a reputation. When I came across an offer for a decent paying gig from Hellstromme…how could i have resisted.


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