Thasunka Witko

Sioux brave, blessed by the village shaman, to cleanse the land of unholy spirits and evil men.


Agility: d10
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d8
Strength: d10
Vigor: d8

Fighting: d10
Intimidation: d6
Knowledge (English): d6
Notice: d6
Riding: d6
Shooting: d6
Stealth: d4
Survival: d6
Tracking: d8
Faith (Spirit): d6

Ferner (Outsider to Whites)

Arcane: Shaman
Sand: 1
Trademark Weapon: Tomahawk

Spirit Warrior
Soar w/ Eagles


My name is Thasunka Witko – which means “Sharp Hawk” – and am often simply called “Hawk” by those not of my people. My father was Thathanka Iyotake. He was shaman of our tribe and a great leader. He shared some of the visions he had with me of the future of the Sioux people and how we must act not only to save our own people, but all peoples in this land. I was there when he was killed and with his dying breath he blessed the tomahawk he gave me and told me to seek the wisdom of nature in order to fight the evils that have begun plaguing the land.

The most difficult vision of his to accept was that it is with white men that I must fight alongside to cleanse the earth. But the harmony I have learned to find with nature and my ancestors has given me the strength and patience to do so.

Thasunka Witko

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